What's New in Njord Analytics?

Note: for changes to Njord Player, refer to the version-specific changelog on our website.

March 2023

  • New views in any event / race date: Entire Day and Only Races
    • Entire Day shows the full 24 hours of the selected day, which is useful to get an overview of your day using views like the Map view or Line Chart view
    • Only Races and its sub-items Only Trainings and Only Races & Trainings only show combined data between the start and end time of all races (and/or trainings, as chosen) of that day. This is useful to visualise the overall performance for your day using views like Targets, Polar Diagram or Scatter Chart. For best results, make sure that your trainings are trimmed to "good sailing sections" and races are trimmed to start time (gun time) and to the time your boat crossed the finish line, this limits performance analysis to "good" data only.
    • The Aggregated Data / Multiple Races view (showing data across multiple days of the same event) has been moved below Only Races and works in a similar manner
Event Race Shortcuts
  • Editing/trimming races has moved to the Trim Races entry and has been improved with a race selector, the capability to enter multi-day races and to upload mark files for easier mark input
  • The Targets view for analysing upwind/downwind targets is now available outside the performance database, for any single race and in the Only Races/Multi Races section (requires upwind/downwind filter)
  • The Scatter Chart and Correlation view types are now available in the performance database
  • Most race views have gained an upwind/downwind and port/starboard filter control (top bar) to help you narrow down your analysis in views such as the Scatter Chart view faster
Filter Analytics View
  • Data loading speed of the Table view has been improved

February 2023

  • New Polar Diagram view type, in event/race view and performance database (with ability to compare different boats, or multiple events)
Polar Diagram
  • Bin Table view type now available in the performance database
  • Ladders button in map to show "ladder" connecting boat's tracks in a lineup of two boats:
Lineup Ladders Map
  • Line Chart supporting more than two boats, and more than two metrics at a time
  • New license checkout form makes it easy to find the best price for a certain usage period; allows pre-paying for a fixed usage period
  • ROLLINGSUM() function

January 2023

  • Download button in maneuver report to export maneuver data in CSV or XLS format
  • SIN() and COS() functions
  • Live Map showing all online boats and wind stations that you have access to (custom setup required)
  • Tool to measure distance and bearing on map:
Map distance tool