Scatter Chart

Menu item for view type: scatter chart

Available In Entire Day, Only Races, Aggregate all Dates in Event, individual races/trainings, Performance Database

Displays a scatter chart (X/Y chart) plotting data points by two selected metrics (X and Y axis).

In all modes except the performance database, data is automatically averaged into phases of a specific duration, to achieve a reasonable number of datapoints in the chart.

Hover over a data point to see a tooltip with exact values and the corresponding timestamp / phase duration.

View type: scatter chart

Scatter Chart Configuration Options

  • X and Y metric: determine which metrics are used to plot points in the chart
  • Fit Curve: overlays a polynomial fit of the chosen order onto each data series, which may help indentify trends in a dataset or compare different datasets (port vs. starboard or different boats)
  • Targets: displays a purple line showing the targets for the chosen Y metric (select TWS as the X metric). Targets can be either from the log file itself, or from a polar/targets configured for the boat.
  • Performance Database: adds data series for comparison from the boat's performance database
  • Color by Tack: breaks down the data points into separate port/starboard data series for comparison
  • Highlight Top VMG%: adds a yellow highlight to all data points whose VMG% (percentage of VMG target) lies within the top 10 percentiles of VMG% of the entire dataset
  • Exclude Maneuvers: excludes any data points that lie before and after maneuvers (configurable in the boat's filter settings)
  • Filter: define additional filters to narrow the data in the chart, e.g. to remove outliers that disturb the analysis