Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add additional data (like heart rate) once a base log file has been uploaded?

To augment data or change any other settings that you made during the initial upload, go to the uploaded file (under Data) then click on the link "Uploaded by ... at ...", then select "Augment uploaded files". You will be able to add (or remove) files from the upload, and finally click "Update Data".

How do I access calibration info (e.g. difference between TWA tack to tack and HDG tack to tack and TWS upwind to downwind, etc)?

The Njord Analytics single boat report contains a calibration report which contains data to help with compass, paddlewheel and wind instrument calibration.

You can create a single boat report via the left hand panel, or via the cogwheel menu ("Edit Reports"). You will find the calibration report at the very bottom of the report main page.

Do you have an app that coaches can use for speaking in coach comments?

We offer text input for coach comments, which you can do by accessing on your mobile phone.

For hands-free use on the water, consider using the dictation feature of your phone to let your speech be transcribed into a text comment.

Input comments on the water

Is it possible to see HDG-COG?

If you want to see a HDG-COG number in all chart types, you can calculate it like so:

  • Go to the uploaded data segment; select Process
  • Select Add Metric, then Custom Formula
  • Enter HDG-COG = Heading - COG
  • Press Apply
Calculate HDG-COG

You can also see HDG-COG in the calibration report without performing the steps above.

My Velocitek is mounted on the cockpit side, how can I add 90 degrees to Heading to ensure that it is correct?

You can change Heading data like so:

  • Go to the uploaded data segment; select Process
  • Select Add Metric, then Custom Formula
  • Enter Heading = Heading + 90
  • Press Apply

Heading values will be re-aligned to the 0..360 degrees range after adding 90 degrees.

When setting up the course, is the bearing "from previous element" taken from the starboard end, port end, or middle of the line?

For course elements consisting of two marks (start line, finish line and gates), the center point between the two marks is used to calculate bearing from/to the previous/next course element.

How can I cut a race from a long day's track?

The All Day view helps you to trim a long day's track into relevant training segment or races for further analysis.

  • Use the controls in the timeline to restrict the tracks displayed to the approximate time of the race you want to cut out
  • Click and drag on the lower part of the timeline to let the boats move along the track
  • Click on the track of the boat once to mark the start time, using recognizable maneuvers such as the prestart phase to guide you. As you hover over the track to find the end time, you will see a preview of the race track
  • Click on the track another time to mark the end time
  • Adjust the start and end time as needed, for example to round the start time to the full minute
  • Enter a name for the race and click Create

What do I need to do to see an event in the performance database?

Events need to be added to the performance database first. Click on "Phases Database", then "New Phases Collection". You will be asked which races of that event to include (you could exclude practice races, for example, which is why events are not added to the performance database automatically).

Is there any way to output a GPX file of the race data?

Unfortunately, we don't support exporting data to GPX files yet. Supported export formats include CSV and Bravo file formats.

Does Njord Analytics run on iPad?

Njord Analytics runs on any modern browser, including on iPads.

Do you support yardstick / ratings?

No. Any calculations showing the rank of boats, such as in the Fleet Race Report, assume the boats are identical.

Do I need to recreate the report after changing a race's course?

You don't need to make a new report after adjusting the marks. Simply refresh the report page in your browser and the new course will apply.

How can I add sails, and delete old sails?

You can enter your sails, and enter new sails, in Njord Analytics using one of the 3 following methods:

  1. On the water, use the live sail input page - it's accessible when navigating to your boat and choosing "Live Coach Tools"
  2. When selecting any race or training, go to the annotations view, click "Edit Sails Usage", you can enter new sails there
  3. When using any software to record events on the water, such as Expedition or KND, you can import the events file with your log file and the sail changes from that file will show up

You can rename and remove sails on the Sail Database page.

How do I send a Njord Analytics report to my team?

You need to add people to the boat first, you can do that under Data, then select your boat, then Settings - Permissions and enter the team's email addresses there.

All users that have access to the boat will also be able to access the report by visiting Njord Analytics. You can also have them notified via email with a direct link to the report. To do that, go to the report, and click on the share button next to the title. Select the people you want to send the email to and click Send Notification Emails.

Is it possible to set a manual TWD for each leg?

You may enter a fixed TWD for the entire day when loading data, or, In Njord Analytics, you can also use the TWD inference feature.

You may also use the INTERPOLATED(SERIES(...)) Formula.

In the comparison with another boat, sometimes the boat that loses meters ("VMG gain") has a higher average VMG - why?

It's a different calculation... "VMG gain" is calculated from the start & end position, using the TWD (average TWD, from both boats) as the reference bearing. "Average VMG" that you see in the table above is taking each boat's TWA & Boatspeed, calculating the instantaneous VMG along the track, and averaging that. In principle the winning boat should have higher average VMG, but that is only true when there are no wind shifts during the tests and both boat's wind instruments are perfectly calibrated. This is rarely the case, that's why such a small deviation is not unexpected. Place higher trust in the "VMG gain" value in this case.

How can I add a boat to an event?

Option 1:

  • Go to the event
  • From the cogwheel menu (bottom right) select "Edit Event"
  • Add the boat to the "Boats" field
  • Click "Update"

Option 2

  • Go to the boat and select a relevant segment of uploaded data
  • Uncheck "Show events with boat only"
  • Find the event you want to add the boat to, and click "Add boat to this event"