Polar Diagram

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Available In Only Races, Aggregate all Dates in Event, individual races/trainings, Performance Database, Entire Day

Requires True wind angle and speed (TWA/TWS) data

Displays BoatSpeed data relative to true wind angle (TWA) in certain true wind speed (TWS) buckets in a radial diagram.

Two labeled points on each TWS line represent the upwind/downwind angles with best VMG (target boat speed).

Consider limiting the visualization to only a small handful of TWS buckets, especially when comparing different performance database entries, or when comparing port to starboard data (enable Color by Tack in the settings menu), to keep the diagram readable.

Consider increasing the Smoothing setting if you have limited data and lines appear jagged. However, for best results, the more data you can collect the better.

Use the Speed Metric configuration menu to select either BoatSpeed or SOG as the speed metric.

Use the zoom buttons or your mouse wheel to zoom into crowded areas.

View type: Polar Diagram

Use the Download button to download the polar data in one of the supported polar file formats:

  • Expedition
  • B&G
  • Deckman
  • Adrena
  • ORC
  • SailGrib
View type: Polar Diagram