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Available In Only Races, Aggregate all Dates in Event, individual races/trainings, Performance Database, Entire Day

Requires True wind speed (TWS) data

Displays a performance metric (BoatSpeed in this example) for either Upwind or Downwind data for all available true wind speed (TWS) buckets. The range of those performance metric values (min/max) in each TWS bucket determines the lower and upper end of the colored area.

The bold line represents the average of that data, which may optionally be calculated only from a subset of data in each TWS bucket. For example, you could chose to average only the top 30% of data in each bucket by VMG, which would represent your "best data" and would be suitable to determine more "ambitious" targets for the selected performance metrics, compared to averaging all data in each TWS bucket (adjust the "Percentiles" setting).

Displays targets from configured polars for the selected boat as purple lines for comparison.

View type: Targets