Statistics / Gain Loss

Menu item for view type: Statistics / Gain Loss

Available In Entire Day, Only Races, Aggregate all Dates in Event, individual races/trainings, Performance Database

Displays detailed statistics for selected metrics (average/mean, minimum, maximum, and standard deviation - a measure of the amount of variation of a set of values).

Hover over a value in the Min or Max column to highlight the time when the minimum or maximum value occurred for the specific metric.

Supports comparing multiple boats (primary boat in blue, secondary boat in orange in this example).

Displays a gain/loss analysis for two boats for a selected time range (lineup). Gain is broken down into the forward direction (boat's heading), upward (perpendicular to forward direction), and the resulting gain (VMG, in TWD direction).

Check Combine when selecting multiple races or time ranges to view statistics for the combined data.

Uncheck Exclude maneuvers (settings menu) to include data before/after maneuvers in the statistics.

View type: Statistics / Gain Loss