Adding Wind Data

Having wind direction and speed data is obviously very benefitial for sailing data analysis. If your boat does not have a wind instrument and is not able to record wind data, there are other ways to add approximate wind direction and speed data to help with data analysis.

Adding wind direction data provides TWA and VMG data, which is useful for analysis and also enables features such as upwind/downwind leg and maneuver detection for easier navigation of your data and to enable maneuver analysis.

Adding wind speed data is helpful for record keeping and putting the performance data on a given day into context for later reference. Some features, like target analysis, only work with TWS data.

Step 1

Navigate to

Step 2

Click "Wind"

Step 3

You will see an overview of race times and boats in the selected event, with an overview of available wind data for each race and boat.

Step 4

Click "Add Wind Direction / Speed"

Step 5

Select "Inferred from typical TWA" for "Wind Direction Source".

This option is recommended if your sailing on that day consists of good straight line upwind/downwind sailing and clean maneuvers. Otherwise, try using the "Weather Data" option or entering wind direction manually ("Constant Value" or "Interpolated over Time" options).

Step 6

Select "Weather Data" for "Wind Speed Source".

This option is recommended if you don't have any wind speed measurements on that day. Otherwise, consider entering wind speed manually ("Constant Value" or "Interpolated over Time" options).

Step 7

Wait for the orange "Preview" line to load in the charts below and verify that the wind data is accurate enough to be usable. If it isn't, try different settings.

Step 8

Click "Apply selected Wind Data"

Step 9

Click on a race, which should now be broken into legs due to TWA data being present.

Step 10

Using TWA data, maneuvers can be detected and analyzed. Select the map view and click on "Maneuvers".

Step 11

Maneuvers are highlighted along the boat's track and maneuver loss is displayed.