Data Explainer

Menu item for view type: Data Explainer

Available In individual races/trainings, Entire Day

Displays the dependency hierarchy for a selected metric and, using metric values at a highlighted time, explains how a value is calculated or where (in which file/column) it originates. For example, if your VMG value seems off, you can understand how it is calculated and see the BoatSpeed and TWA values to figure out which one of these is inaccurate.

Metric values in each node are shown either for the highlighted time (opposite view) or for the first highlighted range (average values). Selecting more than one boat is supported for comparative analysis

Select Show Dependents to include metrics that depend on the selected metric (e.g. when selecting VMG, this might show VMGPercOfTarget above the VMG node).

Select Show Logical Origins to include related nodes for values that originate in a file (connected using dashed lines). E.g., even when VMG originates in your log file, this will still show BoatSpeed and TWA nodes as those influence the VMG value, even when the calculation did not happen in Njord.

Works best with recent uploads (December 2023 or later). Older uploads may show limited information.

View type: Data Explainer