Njord Web Player

In addition to the Njord Player desktop app which is available for Windows and Mac and requires separate installation, you can also use Njord Web Player, which runs in any supported web browser.

To launch Njord Web Player:

  • Visit an event and date of your choice in Njord Analytics
  • Click on Njord Player
  • Select Open in Njord Web Player

Njord Web Player displays data loaded into Njord Analytics only. At the moment, there is no extra charge for using Njord Web Player, but you will need to load data into Njord Analytics.

Njord Web Player Unique Features

  • Can be launched very quickly, does not require app download + installation
  • Does not yet support saving your imported videos and photos

Njord Player (desktop app) Unique Features

  • Support multiple windows
  • Supports loading data without an internet connection
  • Saves to Njord Player file which can be kept together with your videos