Upload Boat Data and First Analytics Steps

This tutorial shows how to upload a log file to Njord Analytics, and provides a first glance at some of the visualization options available.

Step 1

Navigate to https://app.sailnjord.com/

Step 2

Click "Data"

Step 3

Click "Create Boat" if you haven't done this yet

Step 4

Enter the name of your boat and the boat class

Step 5

Click "Create"

Step 6

Click "Upload"

Step 7

Click "Add Files…"

Tip: Learn more about supported data sources at https://www.sailnjord.com/data-sources/

Step 8

Verify that the detected data time range matches what you expect

Step 9

Click "Upload Data" and wait for the data to be processed

Step 10

Click "Create new Event with Your Boat"

Step 11

Enter a name for the event and adjust the start/end date if necessary

Step 12

Click "Create"

Step 13

Training and Race times will be copied to the new event automatically. Click on "Race 1" or "Training" to view the uploaded data.

Step 14

Choose from the available visualizations, such as the map view

Step 15

Choose a second view type to show side by side

Step 16

To highlight a range of data, click on the track of the boat (this also works in the line chart, for example)

Step 17

Click again to mark the end of the highlighted time range

Step 18

Repeat as necessary to highlight more time ranges

Step 19

Click "Damping" to enable damping

Step 20

Click the plus button to add more variables

Step 21

Select a variable you'd like to add to the line chart

Step 22

Click and drag the handle to zoom into the line chart

Step 23

Select the "Statistics" view to see detailed stats for the highlighted time ranges

Step 24

Statistics shown include average, minimum and maximum values. Click "Settings" to show more variables.

Tip: Learn more about available visualization types at https://app.sailnjord.com/help/analytics/visualizations.html