Import Boat Data

Method 1 - Loading Boat Log Files Directly in Njord Player

This method is recommended when you are not using Njord Analytics, or when your computer does not have an internet connection when you load data. See method 2 below when you are using Njord Analytics together with Njord Player.

To add boat log files to a document:

  • Open the Data screen by clicking the Data button in the timeline of the main window, on the Load Data button in the respective notification bar (see screenshot below).
  • Add a boat log file via the Add Log File button or by dragging it onto the view (read more about supported data sources.
  • Select the correct boat from the selection field. Boats are retrieved from your Njord Analytics account; you may add new boats directly from Njord Player by specifying a name and a boat class.
  • Click Use Data to confirm.

You may add multiple boats to the same document. This can be useful to show training partners or competitors in addition to the main boat. To do so, repeat the process above.

Adding boat log data to an empty document

Method 2 - Loading Data via Njord Analytics

This method is recommended when you are using Njord Analytics together with Njord Player. We recommend to load the relevant boat data in Njord Analytics first, as it is then straightforward to use the same data in Njord Player. In some cases support for new data file formats is also available in Njord Analytics first, requiring use of this method over method 1 above.

  1. Ensure that the boat's data has been loaded in Njord Analytics by you or another team member.
  2. From the menu in Njord Player, select File, then Download from Njord Analytics….
  3. Select the date that you want to download data for.
  4. Choose the boats that you want to download.
  5. Njord Analytics may also have race information that is useful in Njord Player (such as race start times, and course marks). Select an event to download races from.
  6. Click Download to confirm.