Frequently Asked Questions

Does Njord Player support 360 degree-type video (e.g. from a Garmin Virb 360)?

Yes, 360 degree video is supported since Njord Player version 2.3.0. Add a 360 degree video and drag/pan the video using your mouse (also during playback).

Do you have a suggestion for a dictaphone, preferably with GPS for time stamping?

Phones (e.g. the iPhone Voice Recorder app) work great as a dictaphone because the timestamps are usually accurate with no effort required.

Other dictaphones work too, but you might have to set the time each morning for it to be accurate.

In any case, it helps to do an audible time countdown at the beginning of the recording, so you can verify the correctness of the recorded timestamp after you load the file in Njord Player.

How to I switch off the dual view in the main window?

From the menu, select View - Window Layout - Single View.

How do I share video with performance data overlays?

Njord Player does not support exporting video files with the performance data that you see on screen "burned in" (this is supported for photos, however).

If you need to share video and data, consider sharing the Njord Player file and video files together, which allows someone else with a Njord account to download Njord Player and view the video and data together.

If you really need it to be a video file, you could do a screen recording of Njord Player playing your video & data.

Does Njord Player run on iPad?

Njord Player does not run on iPad. It runs on Windows and Mac. Find the right download link for your platform on our Njord Player page.

I am moving video files off of my laptop onto a hard-drive (running out of space). Does this mean that Njord Player is now looking in the wrong place for the files? Do I have to re-import the media again?

We suggest to keep the Njord Player file (.sail2) in the same folder as your video. E.g., one folder per day usually works great. You can have sub-folders for video, but everything should be in the same top folder. You can then move that entire folder around and it's not going to be a problem for Njord Player.